Palácio da Pena

We did a day trip to Sintra which to visit the Castle of Moors and the Pena Palace. The Palace is beautiful, so rich in details and color and sculptures. It’s very exotic and shows a lot of  the different architectural influences.

Palacio da pena 01

Palacio da pena 04

Palacio da pena 02

Palacio da pena 05

Palacio da pena 03

Palacio da pena 06

Bairro do Avillez

I went to this restaurant by the famous Portuguese chef: José Avillez. He has many restaurants throughout the city. The space was creative and fun. There are the areas the Mercearia and Taberna. In the first space you can buy delicacies, gifts, books or sit down to eat some small plate. The Taberna has a spectacular páteo and delicious food. Both spaces have amazing design and the main food is of course showing the best of the Portuguese flavor.

bairro do avillez 1

bairro do avillez 3

bairro do avillez 2

bairro do avillez 4

City Views

bondinho 1

bondinho 2



 city views  tourist in lisboa portugal city-views-14

lisboa passeios city view getting to know lisbon

fernanda azulejo

 lisbon bridge

Pastel de Nata

fabrica da nata




 Castelo dos Mouros




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